TS Sedibe foundation is a South African non-profitable company dedicated to help provide support for and financial assistance to community initiatives, disadvantaged academically excelling students and youth development programmes for social crime prevention. The aim for establishing this foundation was because there are various needs in various communities. The TS Sedibe Foundation was formed last year August 2015 and was launched September 24th 2016 on Heritage Day. The founders of the foundation are: Pumza Kose, Luvo Kose and Petrus Sedibe.
We are committed to instigate the practicality of the importance of positive psychological needs of the community holistically.

The broad and purpose of the TS Sedibe foundation is to:

  • Provide support for youth development programme to elevate social crime prevention
  • Initiate community recreational sport tournaments to embrace and celebrate the skills and talents of the youth
  • Provide financial assistance to learners who are academically excelling, but come from disadvantaged homes to further their studies in higher education
  • Provide support and financial assistance to orphanage homes for children with disabilities
  • Provide support and financial assistance to old age homes

Our Staff